Corfu Trail Route Overview

The total length of the Corfu Trail is almost 200 kilometers,running from the southernmost to the northernmost tip of Corfu. There is a large variety of landscapes and the terrain alternates between rough footpaths, cobbled mule paths, dirt and gravel tracks, minor roads and beaches. We walk it in 11 days, but of course you can adjust the number of days as you like.  From many of the villages along the Corfu Trail there are also other interesting (circular) walks to undertake. So even if you're not eager to spend a day on a stunning beach, you won't be bored when you include a rest day in your walking holidays!

Below, we shorlty describe the daily routes of the Corfu Trail. Enjoy the pictures!

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Walking the Corfu Trail

Discover with us the hidden wonders of Corfu! Walking the Corfu Trail you will get to know a different Corfu. You walk through shady olive groves, on cobbled paths over hill tops, along calm beaches and take a rest in picturesque villages. Enjoy a fascinating walking holiday on the Corfu Trail

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In general, the terrain in the north of the island is a bit more challenging as this is where the mountain range crosses the island from West to East, which the Corfu Trail does as well. The highest peak, Pantokrator Mountain, is at 917 m above sealevel. Regardless if you walk the whole Trail or only a part of it, you will be surprised by the variety of landscapes and views you get along the way!

Day 1, A circular walk in southern Corfu

Starting at a peaceful spot just south of the holiday resort of Kavos, you head out on a track to the southern tip of Corfu, where the ruined monastery of Arkoudillas stands. A footpath leads down to the island's southernmost beach, a seemingly endless stretch of golden sand. Leaving the beach at its northern end, you follow tracks back up to the pittoresque village of Spartera. From Spartera you return on a calm road to your accommodation in Asprokavos. (3,5 hours of walking)

Highlights: Arkoudillas Monastery, Arkoudillas beach

Picturesque Villages: Spartera

Arkoudillas beachWalking through the olive treesArkoudillas monastery

Day 2, Asprokavos to Santa Barbara

Today starts with tracks leading by a small lake and through olive groves and agricultural land to the town of Lefkimmi. By means of the old main road you arrive at the river, where cafeterias invite you to have a small break. From the river you cross several other neighborhoods before leaving the second town of the island and heading towards the West coast again. From Gardenos you will  head up along a coastal ridge with spectacular views of the West coast and the villages inland. Even the South and East coast are visible! Eventually you will reach the wonderful sandy beach of Santa Barbara. (6,5 hours of walking)

Picturesque Villages: Lefkimmi

Lefkimmi riverGreen road on Corfu

Day 3, Santa Barbara to Paramonas

A day of almost level walking during which you follow the beach, passing the holiday resort of Agios Georgios, but soon leaving 'civilization' again. The wide, empty beach north of the resort was used for scenes in the Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only'. Your way leads on through sand dunes covered with a forest of juniper trees. Crossing a footbridge, you will reach Lake Korission, where you, with a bit of luck, might see a variety of wild birds. The Trail follows high coastal tracks, a section of road and eventually leads through centuries old olive groves to reach Paramonas. (5,5 hours of walking)

Highlights: Issos Forest, Lake Korission, coastal views at Paramonas

Footbridge to lake KorisionApproaching Korision lake

Olive grove on CorfuView over Alonaki

Day 4, Paramonas to Stavros and Benitses

A sharp climb early in the walk takes you over the coastal ridge, with great views, and inland to the villages of Ano and Kato Pavliana. Footpaths and tracks take you down through villages until you cross the Messongi River Valley. You continue through a heathland valley to the village of Strongili,where the Trail heads uphill again, on an old cobbled way which leads to Komianata and Stavros. After a section of road you follow the old Agi Deka water springs down to the village of Benitses. (6 hours of walking)

Highlights: Stavros viewpoint, Agi Deka water springs

Picturesque Villages: Ano Paviana, Vouniatades, Komianata

Sheep among the olive trees on CorfuPink flowers on Corfu

Corfu butterfly

Day 5, Stavros to Pelekas

The walk starts with a delightful footpath skirting Agii Deka Mountain, and leading to Ano Garouna, from where you make a very sharp ascent to the summit of Agii Deka, Corfu's second highest peak. Here, an abandoned monastery in a walled garden makes an ideal rest stop. Your way continues down a cobbled mule path to Agii Deka village then along minor roads and tracks to Sinarades, where you might like to visit the Folk Museum (depending on opening times) and admire the picturesque architecture of this large village.
Alleyways and a track lead to Aerostato, one of the island's most famous viewpoints, then the Trail leads along undulating tracks with very fine views over the west coast and inland to Pelekas. (6 hours of walking)

Highlights: Agii Deka Summit, Sinarades Folk Museum, Aerostato

Picturesque Villages: Ano Garouna, Agii Deka, Sinarades, Pelekas

Road in olive groveGreen path on Corfu

Aghii DekaSinarades

Day 6, Pelekas to Liapades

Half an hour's downhill walk takes you to Myrtiotissa, 'the loveliest beach in
the world' (now used by nudists). Climbing now, you have to regain the height you have lost (and more!), with a steep ascent on a gravel and concrete track. The west coast views are spectacular. Passing the village of Vatos, the terrain levels out and your way crosses the Ropa valley.You will ascend again to the village of Giannades and on into olive-blanketed hills, where tracks lead to Liapades, an ancient village full of lovely old mansion houses. (6,5 hours of walking)

Highlights: Myrtiotissa Monastery, Ropa Valley

Picturesque Villages: Giannades, Liapades

Bougainvillea and vineWhite Corfu flower

Corfu meadow and mountain

Day 7, Liapades to Agios Georgios

First, a very difficult footpath across a headland high above the sea takes you to the road to Paleokastritsa. You quickly cross the main road and head into the hills again, using a network of lovely cobbled footpaths. A climb of about an hour takes you to the centuries old village of Lakones and Bella Vista Viewpoint ('the best view in Europe'). One kilometre of unavoidable, sometimes busy, road here, to cross the village, but the spectacular views make up for it! The Trail then heads across olive groves to Krini (from here you can opt to visit the Byzantine castle Angeloskastro), through 'Lily Valley' and on down one of Greece's most remarkable footpaths, which zig zags down a sheer cliff. The way continues down an olive grove track and along the seashore to the resort of Agios Georgios. (4 hours of walking)

Highlights: Bella Vista, Angelokastro (off route), Cliff Pathway

Picturesque Villages: Lakones, Krini

Ancient footpath on CorfuPaleokastritsa view from bella vista

Beautiful water tapMini gorge with view

Day 8, Agios Georgios to Rekini

A sharp climb from Agios Georgios to the village of Prinilas starts the walk. Then you descend to the picturesque village of Pagi. Tracks and a quiet road take you through agricultural land alongside the Megapotamos River and over the ridge through Aspiotades to the two sprawling villages of Agros and Agios Athanasios, where your way leads through the alleyways. Leaving the villages, a quiet road leads past a wealthy monastery, and tracks take you on to the road junction at Rekini. (4 hours of walking)

Highlights: Agios Athanasios Monastery

Picturesque Villages: Pagi, Agros

Agios Athanassios monasteryGrassy Corfu road

Day 9, Rekini to Spartilas

Starting from Rekini, you take the unmade road to Valanio, a village deep in the middle of nowhere. Then tracks funnel you up a deep valley. Along a cobbled path, you enter Sokraki, where the village square with its happy atmosphere calls for a stop. The Trail then follows tracks and paths through forest and cultivated land to Spartilas. (4,5 hours of walking)

Picturesque Villages: Valanio, Sokraki, Spartilas

Stone footpathCorfu tsitsibyra

Spartillas viewSpartyllas road

Day 10, Spartilas to Agios Spyridon

Today the real mountain territory beckons. Starting, you are soon on a steep mountain footpath climbing a gully to a fantastic viewpoint at Taxiarchis Chapel - a ruin with fresco-covered walls. You ascend further to cross the 'Karst Plateau', Corfu's wildest scenery, under the summit of Pantokrator. When you reach the road you can decide to do a detour to the top of the mountain. The trail continues on a mountain track with fine views, you reach the high col of the main ridge, where both the northern and southern sections of Corfu are visible. You then descend to Old Perithia - a semi-ruined Byzantine village located in a high valley. Onwards, the Trail descends a narrow valley on a rough mule track, then continues down on paths and tracks to the northern coastal plain. You reach the sea at Almiros and follow the beach to the wild, bare headland which is Corfu's northernmost point, where a path trough forest takes you to the end of the Trail at Saint Spiridon Beach.(7 hours of walking)

Highlights: Taxiarchis Chapel, Karst Plateau, Old Perithia, Parigori Gorge, Almiros Beach Cape Agia Ekaterini

Picturesque villages :Old Perithia

Corfu tortoisePalia Perithia

Karst plateauYellow mountainsides

Day 11, The Northeast coast and the mountain flanks

This is a circular walk which starts and finishes at Kalami, exploring the Northeast of the island. You quickly climb into the hills and then onto the high mountain flanks, through Porta and on to the ruined village of Mengoulas. After some level walking with most spectacular views your descent begins, towards Katavolos and down to the sea at Kaminaki. Your return is along the high coastal footpath along spectacular bays with sheer cliffs and turquoise waters. (5,5 hours of walking)

Highlights: Mengoulas, coastal path Kaminaki - Kalami

Picturesque villages: Kentroma, Porta, Katavolos