During the Summer months of July and August, most accommodations in Corfu are fully booked for weeks on end, so we're not able to organise the Corfu Trail as a trek during this time of the year.

In the mountainous region called Pindos, just across the Sea from Corfu to the east, temperatures might be significantly lower thanks to higher altitudes and cold rivers and springs. End of June 2024 we'll organise a wonderful guided group trip, combining the most beautiful stretches of the Corfu Trail with the cleanest springs and rivers to swim in Europe, the most spectacular scenery of Pindos, paths through little visited virgin forests and magnificent views! Please read the full trip summary below

  • Spring colours
  • Viewpoint Stavros
  • Southwest Coast
  • West Coast views
  • Olive Groves
  • Aquaduct
  • High above the West Coast
  • Mountain flanks
  • CT sign
  • Hoopoe

Walking the Corfu Trail

Discover with us the hidden wonders of Corfu! Walking the Corfu Trail you will get to know a different Corfu. You walk through shady olive groves, on cobbled paths over hill tops, along calm beaches and take a rest in picturesque villages. Enjoy a fascinating walking holiday on the Corfu Trail

Please find some of our self-guided walking programmes below









Day 1 Arrival on Corfu

Arrival to Corfu Airport on own arrangements

Group transfer at certain time to hotel in Benitses or own private transfer

Meeting up with other group members and briefing

Overnight on Bed & Breakfast basis in Benitses

Day 2   Walk the Corfu Trail from Benitses to Stavros, Strongili and Paramonas

(18 km/ 6,5 hrs/ 700 m + and -)

As soon as we leave Benitses we will start ascending steeply to the cluster of villages at Stavros. Once high up, the views over the coastline are amazing. Passing through small villages (Dafnata and Komianata) we continue our walk to Strongili, where we find one of Corfu’s oldest recorded olive trees.  Through olive groves and a heath land valley we will pass the villages of Kato and Ano Pavliana, before we descend steeply to the inviting sea at Paramonas. Opportunity for swimming at Paramonas beach

Transfer back to Benitses. Overnight on Bed & Breakfast basis in Benitses

Day 3   Walk the Corfu Trail from Benitses to Pelekas (20 km/7 hrs/ 850 m + and 650 m -)

The second highest peak of Corfu is on the program today, Agi Deka Mountain. Narrow and old footpaths will lead you through forest and an impressive landscape of huge limestone rocks. After the village of Ano Garouna you will climb up steeply to the summit of Agi Deka, where you have very good views towards the south. You descend through forest to the picturesque village of Agi Deka. After this descent, it´s almost level walking to another picturesque village, Sinarades, from where you continue through olive groves to Pelekas, up on a hill.

Transfer back to Benitses. Overnight on Bed & Breakfast basis in Benitses

Day 4   From Corfu to the Pindos Mountains (ferry and bus, about 4,5 hrs total)

Morning transfer to the ferry port in Corfu Town

The ferry will take us in about 1h45min to Igoumenitsa. From the port town the bus will take the highway to the mountain resort of Metsovo, at 1000 m above sea level.

Free afternoon in Metsovo. Overnight in Metsovo on Bed & Breakfast basis

Day 5   Walk from Aoos reservoir lake to Valia Calda National Park and Vovousa (23 km / 1100 m + and 1400 m -/ 8,5 hrs)

After breakfast, early morning transfer to the reservoir lake of Aoos river springs

We start walking from the reservoir lake at 1500 m above sea level to Mavrovouni (black mountain). Since this mountain is frequently visited by thunderstorms during summer, there is an amazing landscape of trees which have been struck by lightning. We ascend further, to the top of Flegas mountain at 2157 m above sea level. A bit lower we stop at the twin alpine tarns of Flega before entering the Valia Calda National Park. After a long descent our path flattens out next to the crystal clear waters of Arkoudorema, inviting to cool off on hot days. The path follows the course of the river all the way to the village of Vovousa.

Overnight stay on Half Board basis in a refugee (shared rooms) close to the river.

Day 6   From Vovousa to Laista (12,5 km/750 m + and -/4,5 hrs)

After breakfast, we follow the road along the river on to the centre of the village, inviting for a first stop to admire the stone bridge and old houses. Our walk from here leads straight through the heart of virgin forest to the Eastern villages’ of Zagorochoria. From the village of Laista, we are transferred to the refugee at Giftokampos , where we will stay two nights in shared rooms on Half Board basis

Day 7 Mount Smolikas (21 km/ + and - 1550 hm, until DRAKOLIMNI 400 hm less! / 8,5 hrs

We have an early breakfast and transfer to the mountain village of Palioseli, at 1080 m above sea level. We head up through pine forest to the alpine tarns (2160 m above sea level) at Smolikas mountain. From here, the climb to the summit is another 480 m uphill, which is optional and takes approximately 2 hrs. This is the 2nd highest mountain of Greece! The descent is through thick forest towards the village of Pades.

Overnight at the refugee in Giftokampos

Day 8   From Kipoi to Vradeto- Stone bridges and Vikos gorge viewpoints at Beloi (14 km/+ 600 and -200 hm/5 hrs)

A short walk though the most traditional spots of Zagorachori, where we will be able to admire the breathtaking landscape and various stone bridges. From Kapesovo it’s a steep uphill on ancient stone steps to the village of Vradeto, where we will continue to the Beloi Viewpoint to admire the Vikos Gorge.

Overnight in Guest House in Vradeto, Bed & Breakfast

Day 9   Voidomatis springs and river, from Mikro Papingo to Kleidonia (15 km/ - 650 hm / +300 hm  / 5 hrs)

An early morning transfer brings us from Vradeto through the western Zagori villages up the mountain to Mikro Papigo. Admiring the stone houses and breathtaking views, we head down the gorge to the Voidomatis river springs. For the extremely adventurous, a dip into the ice cold springs is possible.

An ancient footpath leads up to Vikos village, from where we make our way to the Voidomatis river at the Papingo bridge below the village of Aristi. We follow a pleasant path (almost level walking) along the deep blue river to the beautiful stone bridge at Kleidonia.

Overnight in hotel close to the river. Bed & Breakfast

Day 10 From Kleidonia to Igoumenitsa and Corfu (Bus and ferry, about 5 hrs in total)

We leave Zagorochoria to make our way back to Corfu.

Afternoon walk around Corfu Towns’ main landmarks.

Overnight in Corfu Town hotel on Bed & Breakfast basis

Day 11 Free day in Corfu

Today is free to spend as you wish, for example take a local bus to one of Corfu’s beautiful beaches.

Overnight in Corfu Town hotel on Bed & Breakfast basis

Day 12 Departure day

Group transfer or private transfer to the airport